Monday, March 12, 2007

Gyaan Again

to continue from where i left (inspite of some criticism). cant seem to understand why people dont take criticism in the right spirit. why one gets defensive and sometimes fights back, even when one is at fault. to advice, to scold and to criticise is normal- we all have to take it, whether we like it or not. public space is open for such encounters and one should get used to it. i see a few going into their shell- sometimes for a day or two in some rare cases for years. children today are tough- they go through a lot in a short period of time. yet one does not see the same reflected in handling criticism/scolding. one can only hope that reason will prevail or the situation that gives rise to such encounters is eliminated.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

gyan time

it is time to prescribe some gyan. the time of the year when the farewells are all around to remind the end of yet another batch. while wishing them all the best in future endeavour one cant but give out some advice.
first things first. never expect to be acknowledged, thanked and fussed around. try and find satisfaction within when you have done your best instead of getting any from the praise of others. one problem i see around is the expectations of people- students in particular. there is nothing wrong in having expectations, but dont expect it to come true all the time. disappointments will accompany expectations not met.
giving up is easy, fighting the odds is tough but very satifying. all around one sees people giving up, some agaist tough adversaries but others for frivalous reasons. who ever said life is going to be easy. every obstacle is an opportunity to prove to oneself. only if one has life can one expect a future filled with safisfaction- hold on to that one life you have. more gyan later