Wednesday, August 08, 2007

professionalism redefined

got inspired to pen my thought again. one thing that is going around in my head is the question- what is the role of a teacher? it is said that the teacher is a friend, philosopher and guide. he or she is a role model for the students, someone who inspires them. but what is happening! are we getting petty? punishing someone for not conforming. the very idea of punishment is repugnant. but when the punishment is one that robs someone of academic excellence and future pursuits then one is forced to think again. imagine a situation where i don't like the way someone dresses or talks, do i automatically get the right (being a teacher) to ruin the future of that student? is this what the profession of teaching has come to mean? to forgive is human- but when the student forgives the teacher for punishing him it is time we, the teaching community, bow our heads in shame. The moral high ground that one hides behind is the beginning of the end for the profession that is held in such high esteem.