Sunday, February 18, 2007

withdrawal symptoms

The seminar is over... for this year. It has become a matter of routine to have the national seminar every year. But is it loosing its substance and objective to the ritualistic manner of its organisation? We (the teachers) start with certain assumptions and come to the conclusion that this will be useful and supplement classroom teaching. How much of the assumption is valid? Some programmes in the past have been organised due to the need that students articulated; similary some were dropped when it was seen to have few takers. Today, as the memory of the latest seminar is fresh in everyones mind, can we have some genuine feedback, ideas and criticism on each and every aspect of the same.
Let me take this opportunity to thank everyone- speakers, students, collegues and support staff for the seminar. I would, of course, like to name everyone. The obvious people in the organising committee, Sheetal, Nelson, Manasa, Payal, Rakesh Meher, Tejaswini Thirtha, Bharat, Romal, Shrenik Avlani and Mr. John Thomas. Whoever thought one person can make anything happen is sadly off the mark- cooperation and group effort is the only way.