Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Indian polity

Time and again we are told to be part of the political system and desist from criticizing the same from outside. The last few weeks have been particularly hectic- what with news media having to jump from one scam to another as the corruption can of worms started unfolding before our eyes. CWG, Adarsh, 2G spectrum and land-for-sons were the prominent stories doing the rounds in the media. Now, would anyone still want anything to do with politics in this country?
The Prime Minister is shy of the media. He rarely talks, period. Some of us have a difficult time understanding him when he speaks. With reference to the unraveling of these scams involving his ministers and a congress chief minister, the PM thought wise to remain silent. Maybe being part of the PVN team some of the then PM's wait-and-watch tactics has rubbed off on our honourary PM. It is anybody's guess as to what, if the PM finally is forced to address the nation, he will say. People are totally fed up and excuses and blame game does not have any takers today.
Rahul Gandhi is a frequent flyer. He zips around the country trying to connect with the masses, specially with the urban educated youth. Now, I would be curious to see how he is able to deflect the wrath of the public given the fact that the youth congress leader talks about clean and efficient government. Is he talking about an utopian rule that we can only imagine in our dreams?
The BJP has lost big time. What looked like a chance in a life-time in Karnataka has been wasted. With so many charges against the CM and some of his ministerial colleagues, it is anybody's guess how the people will react the moment they get the first chance. It would be a miracle if the party survives the next election.