Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Pressing matters

straight from the heart
Jst thought of recollecting the history of 'Pressing Matters'. PM is the official fest newsletter of the Journalism department. The first issue coincided with the first version of the Journalism fest 'Expressions' in 1997. Incidently, 2006 will be the tenth issue of PM.
It was conceived to bring all the journalism students together by way of contributions. The topics vary, with a touch of seriousness. Only once, it was restricted to media as a theme. It is not an achievement of the department as much as the students who are behind the publication- articles and design. One tradition that has been kept alive, in the face of change. The copies of PM also give an old-timer a chance to recollect the talent and creativity of the students who over the years have passed this department. Obviously it is a record of their ideas and the issues of the time, at the same time is showcases the changes the department has undergone.
The exploits of the first symbi fest of 99 have been immortalised in the pages of PM for future generations. Similarly, the saga of internships and concerns of students over issues like dress code and discipline are there for inspiration. The value is something that cant be fully put down here.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

feeling god

straight from the heart
what do you do when you find your car has a flat? to add to that you dont have a car jack to change the puncher. you look around and, lo behold, a good samaritan walks over. he not only brings the jack from his car but literally changes the tyre for you. you thank him profusely and the next moment he disappears.
what does one make of this? in a time when people have no time or inclination to take interest in others, more so strangers, there are a few good men/women. you feel they are specially sent to help you in your need. the world will survive as long as these souls walk on this planet.

Friday, August 11, 2006


straight from the heart
somehow i had this feeling. the magic was missing. cant pinpoint what went wrong, but the overall effect was average. one feels that karan exhaused his creatives in the last three movies; maybe he tried to be different and paid the price.
no doubt the theme is bold, in Indian standards. in has been dealt in a mature manner. the main cast has put in their best. the sets were lavish, music was ok. the formula was missing, karan finally messed it up.
the hype will keep the money rolling in, at least for a couple of weeks. but what may emerge out of this movie is the fact that mere hype and marketing blitzkrieg can take one somewhere but not all the way. a good movie will overcome all odds, a bad one will eventually face demise. dont get me wrong, karan has done a good job- just wasn't enough for this movie. a big disappointment overall.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

power of blog

straight from the heart
it is too early to draw conclusions. but one may already see the utility of blogs. they not only provide a forum to air one's thoughts/views but inform, educate and enrich the citizens of the world. who knows tomorrow it may also be a source of real democracy, where citizens can keep their representatives on their toes.
do check out it has been nominated for various prestigious awards- pulizer for blogs. i didn't think much of the praise when i read about the blog; one needs to read the blog entries to realise the intensity and rawness of the writings. iraq, from the west's point of view, is slowly becoming a democracy. after reading river... you will get the opposite image. everything is being done to take iraq back in time- anarchy and barbaric episodes are a daily occurance. the american invasion has let loose the forces of division and hatred, kept under check during the saddam hussein regime.
it is not the information that affects you, but the way it is put forward- personalised narrative. this is one person who has seen, suffered and through that suffering and pain comes this desire to tell the world the true story of iraq. the propaganda machine-media of the west has all but killed objectivity. just check out the way the Israel-Lebanon conflict is been covered by west; one death on the Israeli side deserves a individualised story; how people are coming back to Israel even under such conditions and so on (sickening). Color of the skin and religion somehow overshadows balanced writing.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

straight from the heart
the other day i chanced upon a blog titled "Jewish grandmother", which had views on the on-going conflict in Lebanon (pro-israeli views). i couldn't help myself from commenting on the blog- i was critical of the policies of the Israeli government, which is at the root cause of the present conflict. any people under constant humiliation would hit back in the only way possible. what is surprising is that israel is ignorant of the causes of the rise of Hamas and Hezbollah, and their popularity among the Arab world. more repression and the israeli tilt of the west have made things worse. any solution should address the fundamental issue of sovereignty of the palestinian people and that of lebanon.
israel cant keep recalling the ghosts of holocoust to ride roughshod over world public opinion. in the name of survival, israel goes about breaking every law in the book but accuses everyone else of foul play- a case of pot calling the kettle black. the root cause for violence is poverty, indignity and hopelessness. the west, instead of addressing the superfluous surface, would do well to go into the root cause and eliminate them for a lasting solution to the middle east conflict.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

class act

straight from the heart
as i listened to nibin's presentation on fourth estate no more, thoughts were buzzing. i could see the class trying hard to concentrate, some in their own inimitable ways. how many of us listen and read things for knowledge's sake and not because it will be asked in a test? exploring various areas require curiosity and an inclination to know things beyond the walls we create- syllabus oriented. some were listening with rapt attention, some finding it difficult and fidgeting with newspapers and others sneaking in a comment or two. when people dont react, it is difficult to gauge the impact.
unlike psychology, journalism doesnt have a definite sphere of study. it includes just about anything- fourth estate, to take today's example, gives us a theoretical base to understand and appreciate today's changes in the content and focus of newspapers and news channels. to put it in plain english, the current dumbing down of news can be understood relative to the expectations of the press in the context of fourth estate.

Friday, August 04, 2006

worthy wait

straight from the heart
today i was absolutely entertained. the josh on stage left everyone flushed with excitement, wanting more. one could not have asked for a better end to the month long buzz on campus-darpan was affecting each and everyone, some in different ways. i wish i could have had the privilege of sitting through more of the events than just debate and indian music- indian dance and mad ads, for starters.
Dhoom shook the audi with wholesome entertainment. i could see the way each of the members enjoyed the music they were playing. shocked and pleased to see Robimon sway with the the beat. of course, phani dominated the stage with his performance that had girls swooning in their seats- no wonder phani is so famous in christ. leo, mathews and the rest supported and encouraged the efforts of others on stage. all in all, an experience to write home about.
p.s. loved the way phani discoed to 'its the time to disco'.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

contagious charlie

straight from the heart
ran into charlie-literally ran with charlie. yes charlie the well-known dancer of christ college. one wonders where the energy flows from. he seems perpetually in a hurry. always a smile on the face, even under adverse situations. charlie may feel the burden of classes in christ college, but has immense energy for those dance lessons- bharatanatyam is his latest mastery. somehow he got through to me- made me feel confident and energetic as i trooped into class.
the best thing about college, about teaching, is the youth and the positive energy that comes with them. it seems to infect everyone around. it somehow complements home- seeing our daughter grow up, mature and infect us with her youthfulness. in college, literally hundreds, without knowing are spreading the virus of youthful hope and energy. even a middle-aged person feels youthful around such cantagious surroundings.