Thursday, August 03, 2006

contagious charlie

straight from the heart
ran into charlie-literally ran with charlie. yes charlie the well-known dancer of christ college. one wonders where the energy flows from. he seems perpetually in a hurry. always a smile on the face, even under adverse situations. charlie may feel the burden of classes in christ college, but has immense energy for those dance lessons- bharatanatyam is his latest mastery. somehow he got through to me- made me feel confident and energetic as i trooped into class.
the best thing about college, about teaching, is the youth and the positive energy that comes with them. it seems to infect everyone around. it somehow complements home- seeing our daughter grow up, mature and infect us with her youthfulness. in college, literally hundreds, without knowing are spreading the virus of youthful hope and energy. even a middle-aged person feels youthful around such cantagious surroundings.

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