Saturday, August 05, 2006

class act

straight from the heart
as i listened to nibin's presentation on fourth estate no more, thoughts were buzzing. i could see the class trying hard to concentrate, some in their own inimitable ways. how many of us listen and read things for knowledge's sake and not because it will be asked in a test? exploring various areas require curiosity and an inclination to know things beyond the walls we create- syllabus oriented. some were listening with rapt attention, some finding it difficult and fidgeting with newspapers and others sneaking in a comment or two. when people dont react, it is difficult to gauge the impact.
unlike psychology, journalism doesnt have a definite sphere of study. it includes just about anything- fourth estate, to take today's example, gives us a theoretical base to understand and appreciate today's changes in the content and focus of newspapers and news channels. to put it in plain english, the current dumbing down of news can be understood relative to the expectations of the press in the context of fourth estate.

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