Thursday, November 23, 2006

stress buster

straight from the heart
lazy people like me work best under stress. when the deadline is near the tension builds up and then the grey cells start working. i have been feeling mentally tried lately. i don't feel like doing anything, unless it is unavoidable. maybe i need a break- but that may not work. i feel the internal motivation has slowed down to a halt. only the external push is helping. the classes are getting routine; students hardly push you. the challenge is necessary to do that extra bit. somehow the autonomy, instead of helping us- teachers and students- has made us overburdened and as a result it shows in the way we are allowing the flow to wash us ashore.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

meetings galore

straight from the heart
i am all for meetings. they tend to be more than serve the purpose- one gets to socialize. serious meetings do have a way of being taken seriously. one tends to get personal on issues. it does have a way of clearing doubts and making thing obvious. there are some who take pleasure in watching and hopefully learning from the experience. one needs to keep ones cards close to the chest- there is wisdom in silence. unfortunely, some of us see through the farce and understand the real purpose of the charade. but one has to keep the mouth shut for social reasons.
one thought that i want to put forward for discussion- why don't we say the right things, in the right way?for example, if i don't like an idea or suggestion then why do i get angry and protest or oppose in an unpleasant manner?can't meetingsand discussions happen without a bitter aftertaste?

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

london calling

straight from the heart
my only recollection of london is the heathrow airport- August 14, 1991. i ran into the defeated West Indian team flying out. a fellow indian student from delhi wanted the autograph of a few players. so i boldly went and was throughly rebuked (by none other than big bird joel). i never got an opportunity to set step on English soil (airport somehow felt above ground).
the other day susnato (2nd jp) asked me about higher education in uk. i believe someone like shashank (studying in westminister) would be the right person to get the info from. so over to shashank for inputs about media related studies in uk. soon you may have to put up a third blog to answer questions from jp students related to education there.

Monday, November 13, 2006

free advice

straight from the heart
A concerned father called up the other day to reveal a few things. he had admitted his daughter to MIC, Mahe on my advice. now he came to know that his daughter finds BHM/hotel management interesting. to top it up she has told about the 'drug problem' in manipal. the concerned father wanted to know what to do- allow his daughter to change course or pull her out of manipal. when give our expert advice to someone what should be our responsibility? should we in the first place give advice? inspite of checking, talking to people and reading about institutes, one can be wrong about the advice. what it has taught me is to be more cautious and thoughtful in case of future advices.