Sunday, November 19, 2006

meetings galore

straight from the heart
i am all for meetings. they tend to be more than serve the purpose- one gets to socialize. serious meetings do have a way of being taken seriously. one tends to get personal on issues. it does have a way of clearing doubts and making thing obvious. there are some who take pleasure in watching and hopefully learning from the experience. one needs to keep ones cards close to the chest- there is wisdom in silence. unfortunely, some of us see through the farce and understand the real purpose of the charade. but one has to keep the mouth shut for social reasons.
one thought that i want to put forward for discussion- why don't we say the right things, in the right way?for example, if i don't like an idea or suggestion then why do i get angry and protest or oppose in an unpleasant manner?can't meetingsand discussions happen without a bitter aftertaste?


pRicky said...

Sir I guess it is about out doing a person...
Its about who comes out at the top.
and hence the bitter taste

Me Thinks.. said...

Sir sometimes its about what your perception of things is. when I dont agree with the other person, I tend to explain, that sparks of a debate and then its all about who wins in the end.
we forget what we were actually fighting for, the common goal is lost somewhere. Bitter taste is part of the game. Cant help it.