Sunday, January 28, 2007

haunting music

straight from the heart
Music is for a lot of people soothing. When driving a car through peak hour traffic, getting into verbal duels with fellow drivers and the tension of being on time is taking its toll, music comes as a relief. Listen to haunting melodies of Kishore Kumar (early 70s of course) or hum his tunes for a total change of mood. But music also brings memories of the past- one gets into constant debates of the kind of music and lyrics of the present in contrast to yesteryears. The in-your-face kind of music today compares with the melodious tunes and touching lyrics of the past (one that had meaning).
As I was listening to an academician of repute at a conference, outside I heard the sound of a flute. The sound inevitably takes me on a guilt trip. The people who are talented, skilled and hardworking struggle to make a living. The cost of the flute is just Rs.10/Rs.25. The melodious sound made me go out and buy a couple of flutes- my way of warding off the guilt at being helpless.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

batch of '99

straight from the heart: past and present
got a big surprise the other day. 5 guys for the '99 journo batch showed up without warning. could recognise three of them. jp was sure different. he was more confident- no shifting of the gaze. he was always an enigma while in college. he looked more mature and capable of taking care of himself. sapna, pallavi, james and radhika provided some fodder for thought. was a great opportunity to know about the batch, their progress and present situation in life. one may not get back the time, but surely the memories of the time.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

past and present

straight from the heart
i was transported fifteen years back in time. my memories of the class in Warrensburg, Missouri were rekindled today. as Mandy, Rebecca and Ayoola (hope I got the names right!) sat in the 4th Sem journalism class, the past flashed in the inner eye. i was one of the few foreign students in the journo classes. the first few classes were true learning experiences. it took a while to adjust, absorb and react. of course, over time i had many (okay, a few) American friends who made a whole lot of difference. i hope the three Americans have a rich experience while at Christ. and i also hope the guys in class learn from the three. it would be an interesting semester, with the added challenge. and as i always say, challenge brings out the best in all of us.