Saturday, January 06, 2007

batch of '99

straight from the heart: past and present
got a big surprise the other day. 5 guys for the '99 journo batch showed up without warning. could recognise three of them. jp was sure different. he was more confident- no shifting of the gaze. he was always an enigma while in college. he looked more mature and capable of taking care of himself. sapna, pallavi, james and radhika provided some fodder for thought. was a great opportunity to know about the batch, their progress and present situation in life. one may not get back the time, but surely the memories of the time.


pRicky said...

nostalgia revisited again, huh, sir?

Me Thinks.. said...

you do miss your students, sir.. very apparent from your posts.

HR Venkatesh said...

Just saw your post sir. Would love to interact with your students when in bangalore!!!!
Hope you're doing great. Would love to catch up when in Bangalore.

tpraja said...

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JP said...

It was good meeting you again, too and seeing the College. Interesting how we change over the years - and stay the same, as well, isn't it? I've bookmarked your blog for future perusal. Do feel free to visit mine (which can be found on my profile), especially the music review blog, Music Is My Eiderdown, which is a self-imposed project to write subjective but coherent reviews of my entire music collection, eventually.


Bruce Lee Mani said...

Here's a howdo from batch of '98 then!

Shall come by and see you sometime sir.


RJS said...

Very well said Naresh!
We watch our students come in diffident, and still half adults and then all too quickly they graduate metamophasizing into these confident young men and women. They are more part of our lives than they'll ever know and suddenly they are gone.. out of college, and all we have are a handful of memories.