Friday, August 11, 2006


straight from the heart
somehow i had this feeling. the magic was missing. cant pinpoint what went wrong, but the overall effect was average. one feels that karan exhaused his creatives in the last three movies; maybe he tried to be different and paid the price.
no doubt the theme is bold, in Indian standards. in has been dealt in a mature manner. the main cast has put in their best. the sets were lavish, music was ok. the formula was missing, karan finally messed it up.
the hype will keep the money rolling in, at least for a couple of weeks. but what may emerge out of this movie is the fact that mere hype and marketing blitzkrieg can take one somewhere but not all the way. a good movie will overcome all odds, a bad one will eventually face demise. dont get me wrong, karan has done a good job- just wasn't enough for this movie. a big disappointment overall.

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beyond the sky said...

sir, this is article (ibn blog)... somewhat related to todays discussion in class..


Recently, Dean Jones was sacked for making a racist remark and Zidane turned wild when Materazzi abused him on racial terms. Both Materazzi and Jones were punished. The reason cited was that there is only one human race and mistreatment of anyone with relation to his/her race, culture, creed, religion and the likes is sacrilegious. And I stand against this statement.

Of course, there is only one human race. But saying that is about as meaningful as saying there is only one world. Countries are geopolitical, social construction that has meaning and consequences even if there is no geographic reality that makes countries. Similarly, the social assemblage of race exists even if there is no genetic veracity.

Look at our nation.

We abuse each other at the drop of a hat.

Bengalis get abused because they are too sissy. Jaats are avoided because they argue and fight for no reason. Parsees are dirty fellows. Sindhis are considered stingy. Kashmiris can't be trusted. Gujratis are too money-minded. Punjabis are deemed to be "show-offs". Marwaris are "bloody foodies". And in the end, we proclaim that we are one nation.

Every terrorist attack in the nation is pointed towards Muslims. Every Christian in the country is eyed with the suspicion of a "converter". Hindus are thought to be timid. Sikhs are considered rebellious. And in the end, we proclaim that we are one nation.

The slum folks are too LS. High society is too snooty. The people in the middle are from the old school of thought - they aren't modern enough. The newer generations think the older ones are not fit enough to live with them. The older generation thinks the newer lot is too fast paced. And in the end, we proclaim that we are one nation.

Cricketers are branded as over-paid under-worked stars. The film stars are notorious for their connections with underworld. The politicians are all money- gobbling eagles. The bureaucrats can be bribed all the time. The female actors all sleep their way up to stardom. The policemen are all sold. And in the end, we proclaim that we are one nation.

Writers are considered retarded. Social activists are called attention-seekers. Singers and painters are the one who are unemployed and are desperately seeking some money. And in the end, we proclaim that we are one nation.

A look at human history shows that fanaticism and odium is as elemental to us as is to be in love with and that no matter how you label it, populace will categorize the others as different and second-rate whether it is race or religion or profession. It is an essential survival instinct. It is a way to sustain freedom and power. We do it in so many ways on a daily basis.

I leave the debate open with two questions:

(a) Do we really need to punish "racists", especially when we all try to discriminate each other, almost everyday, every second on some ground or the other?

(b) If yes, then why do only Dean Joneses and Materazzis get punished?