Friday, August 04, 2006

worthy wait

straight from the heart
today i was absolutely entertained. the josh on stage left everyone flushed with excitement, wanting more. one could not have asked for a better end to the month long buzz on campus-darpan was affecting each and everyone, some in different ways. i wish i could have had the privilege of sitting through more of the events than just debate and indian music- indian dance and mad ads, for starters.
Dhoom shook the audi with wholesome entertainment. i could see the way each of the members enjoyed the music they were playing. shocked and pleased to see Robimon sway with the the beat. of course, phani dominated the stage with his performance that had girls swooning in their seats- no wonder phani is so famous in christ. leo, mathews and the rest supported and encouraged the efforts of others on stage. all in all, an experience to write home about.
p.s. loved the way phani discoed to 'its the time to disco'.


My blog is @ said...

Last year's josh lasted better, in the
free air of quadrangle,i guess Moreover the deceepline of this semester is rockin! :)

Antares said...

Sir... out of WWW for the past few days... Just checked the post. Thanks a lot for all the nice words. Its food for the performer... Thanks a lot...

Mithraah Indiirh said...

Really cute... SIR!
Kinda envy funny now!!
Never else did!
Haha!! : )