Sunday, August 06, 2006

straight from the heart
the other day i chanced upon a blog titled "Jewish grandmother", which had views on the on-going conflict in Lebanon (pro-israeli views). i couldn't help myself from commenting on the blog- i was critical of the policies of the Israeli government, which is at the root cause of the present conflict. any people under constant humiliation would hit back in the only way possible. what is surprising is that israel is ignorant of the causes of the rise of Hamas and Hezbollah, and their popularity among the Arab world. more repression and the israeli tilt of the west have made things worse. any solution should address the fundamental issue of sovereignty of the palestinian people and that of lebanon.
israel cant keep recalling the ghosts of holocoust to ride roughshod over world public opinion. in the name of survival, israel goes about breaking every law in the book but accuses everyone else of foul play- a case of pot calling the kettle black. the root cause for violence is poverty, indignity and hopelessness. the west, instead of addressing the superfluous surface, would do well to go into the root cause and eliminate them for a lasting solution to the middle east conflict.


pRicky said...

sometimes i wonder whether present day politics has any base at all.
most problems today are heridity of the past but does anyone actually know the history?
i am not sure...

chandybass said...

I'd put up a brief post about this here. It's also amazing how the disparate religious apparatus in America has been utilized in order to religiously sanction this stupidity.