Sunday, July 30, 2006

straight from the heart
am glad that all the three journo classes are communicating via this blog. it is more than a meeting place; a place to thrash out differences, come to appreciate differences, and maybe reach consensus.
it is impossible to talk to everyone in class; it is as a class and not as individuals. here i get an opportunity to speak directly, get to know the student and maybe in the process help the communication in class. please do keep sending in your comments- positive and negative.
got to thank mr. anil for drawing me to the unlimited possibilities of the blog. but even he may have not realised the vast potential of the blog in personal communication, in addition to group communication that happens as a complementary to the class.


Antares said...
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SYED ABRAR said...

Hello Sir! i think something went wrong with my presentation today. i couldn't grab 99% attention of the audience!:-) i lacked preparation. i had a video also which didn't work. anyway i will try my best next time!

T said...

sir, Am thrilled to see you on blogspot. I wish you had one when we were in col. Anyway, its great to read your blog. will keep visiting.
JPEng 2005.

milti said...

It is through this blog that one comes to realsie that the teacher within the classroom is very different from the person he is outside. And I guess (or hope) that the teacher will realise that a student who seems to be uninterested and bored in class is actually quite active and thoughtful in his/her own space. ;-)

Jessie said...

Really like reading your blog. Reminds me of journo classes... especially the bits about what students are up to while you are teaching. :)

Will keep coming back!