Wednesday, July 12, 2006

circle of hate

straight from the heart
the graphic pictures of mumbai train blasts have angered the citizens. one could see javed saab emotinally condeming the bombers. as the dust settles on yet another attempt to terrorise the people, one can only assume the effect it has had. mumbai may be limping back to normalcy but we the people go back to being the way they were?
the reason for the thought is the kind of debate- or should i say outbursts- that i am privy to. the social and religious circles are blaming the muslims for the blasts. we come back to the same old question- when a hindu indulges in violence all hindus are not seen as being violent, but why does it happen everytime a muslim does something violent. why is the whole community the target of hatred and prejudice? education has nothing to do with the perception that forms in the mind after each such act of violence. otherwise how does one explain the wide spread prevalence on this image of muslims.
are there any sane voices out there or have the terrorists actually succeeded in their mission? i only hope that people dont change after every such act of violence and fill their minds with venom of hatred. i am still holding on to my belief even under the latest barrage of hindutva oriented rhetoric. maybe, just maybe, it is the two weeks i spent in a muslim school (fidai baug) while waiting to shift from a christian school (st. blazes) to a hindu school (srws)!

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pRicky said...

hindutva like any other thing is nothing but a political archive topic which helps when nothing else can be fallen back on.
but sir for all of us secular educated people we really don't know who we are untill the situation comes knocking at our doorsteps which makes us react instinctively.
to prove my point watch CRASH