Monday, July 03, 2006

back to alma mater

straight from the heart
started the valuation today. yes the final year paper 4 will be completed in a week's time. every time i go back to the old physics block it brings back memories. this is where it all started 17 years ago. we were uncerimoniously shifted from the uvce campus to the present valuation center 2 months into our ms communication. we were just getting used to the canteen there, and here we were on strange land. to give us company there was the first batch of NLSUI who became our source of fun and companionship.
we were self contained in the department; our own library and a whole building with a balcony. equal time was spent on the steps of the block as the classroom. two years of sheer heaven; adventure at every turn, some i will relate others too personal. by the way i came to know that i was the most hated in the class; hated by the rest of the class for being a big showoff and know-it-all. those days i was oblivious to these things.
capture the past. is it really possible. somehow i have not come around to going back to bombay; i did spend 16 years of my life there. i always think of the saying in communication- you can't cross the river twice.


moi said...

i recently went back to my school wer i spent 13 yrs of my life and as i passed through every block, the nursery playground, the detention room, millions of memories rushed past me, like ghosts from the past. it is indeed briiliant to go back, to have an alma mater.

beyond the sky said...

sir, you? show off?!

pRicky said...

Further to what Beyond sky(hey PK) says
hated you?
you know it all though.

Lonerespite said...

yeah, the past brings bak loads of memories, sometimes it's painful because you know they're only going to remain memories :(
like how i feel whenever i go back to malleshwaram...i can't bear to see the place so crowded and different now, totally different from when i was a child :(

-- deepti

Antares said...

I remember you told me once that neither you nor your wife visit places that you have lived in earlier because you might not be able to accept them as thay are today... But doesnt it always work that way... Things will change whether we like it or not, or must we stop perceiving it in that way? I've always wanted to ask you this...

naresh rao said...

dear phani, just wanted to clarify about not wanting to go back to the places we knew long back. there is a fear that once we visit the place it would loose its charm and the symbolic space it has in the mind. as you say things change and one has to accept that. but in the mind's eye things should remain the same- stability to our memories. naresh rao

legolas said...

sir?? u n showoff?? tats like two extremes... u are humility personified..

and it is NLSIU sir n not UI.. i hope tat does not amount to show off..

legolas said...

missing ur classes a lot sir.. ur style jus rocks..