Monday, July 17, 2006

moral dilemma

straight from the heart
how many times in life do we come across a situation where it is difficult to take any decisions. the reason in the present case is two fold- judging another is wrong, especially from the comments of others and secondly who does one support ones students or a collegue?
in the past it was less of a dilemma as i took the student word for it. couple of instances have made me wiser- no the students didnt lie, but there is always another side to the issue. maybe i was also carried away due to youth- with age comes maturity and less scope for spontaneous reactions.
I remember how i walked into the principal's chamber when a student told me a tale about not being able to pay his fee- principal had a different take on the student. again a few years ago when a student complained of bias in selection of the honours list i didnt hesitate to talk to the principal. today i have come to the conclusion that every issue has another (if not two more) side to it.
so how do i tackle this issue? should i go and meet the teacher in charge and get her side of the story? somehow it sounds omnious to me.


beyond the sky said...

sir, what if the other person is not ready to listen at all..making unreasonable demands and letting us not even express what we feel... if am guessing it to be the right person then we've spoken to almost everyone in that dept.. they all atleast listen to us...but here there is no scope for a dialogue.

pRicky said...

i agree sir everything has another take to it always.
we can only be single dimesional to dany existence of other aspects to a thing

Antares said...

We will believe in your judgement and wait patiently for it...

Lonerespite said...

the fact is she is very emotional.
many teachers catch us, and punish us for talking, or scold rather. But with her its much much more emotional! she takes everything personally, and keeps screaming about something for 10 mins, which other teachers would just cut off, with an angry stare, not exceeding 10 seconds.
And she does not know her subject well, more like a mug pot.
she has undeniably earned the wrath of all sections of the class, which truly has never been achieved by anyone else.
for some, its the fact that she is too emotional, and treats us like 5th grade kids, for others its the fact that she cant explain their doubts, rather moves around in circles, repeating herself.
- Vishwajeeth

milti said...

Personally nobody has anything against her, but she all imagines we do. She is suspicious and unfriendly to us, as if she expects someone to throw a bomb at her or something.
It is impossible to talk to her. She gives a miserable I-am-about-to-cry-now look. She's impossible to approach.
There is no question that she is highly qualified, but maybe she just isn't cut out to be a teacher. She can't answer doubts or explain in a coherent manner. She tells us that if we are so great we can go study on our own. Honestly I have felt like saying 'good idea' many times. The fact is, sir, that she treats us like kids. She expects us to listen to her and pay 100% attention all 52 minutes of class. In the beginning she was quite unbearable, screaming at us for 20 minutes about what bad children we are, instead of clearing doubts. Now people don't even whisper in her class, or even volunteer to answer her questions. It makes no difference and we have just given up.

I really don't want to complain, but she has irritated all of us beyond limits. As students, we expect quality, and if not 'quality' then at least 'decent' education (which we don't get in her class) Is that so unreasonable a request?