Thursday, July 27, 2006

good to be back

straight from the heart
yes it is a bit late in the day but the fact that blogspot is back is a big relief. by the way i have a parallel blog- it is a big burden to keep two blogs going. the alternative was temporary- now i feel that i cant abandon it. so i will just have to spend a little more time on the net.
it was good to see sheetal and poornima get their questions in today at surana open house. one trait that is need for go-getters is aggressiveness. it was doublely good to hear sheetal speak in a confident manner into the mike- wish i can do that; i get all nervous catching a mike. way to go.
also the fact that so many newsletters are coming out, or in the pipeline is an indication of a active journalism department. again way to 2nd year's. i have a selfish interest in students bringing out multiple newsletters- a forum for thrashing out issues in a healthy, competitive manner. so when i heard of shivraj and party thinking of a newsletter, i felt a sense of satisfaction.


pRicky said...

ah! selfish? so now we know why weren't stopped from bringing out whatever we wanted to.
kudos to 2nd year class.
if any one can maintain two you would most definitely be in the race.

sheetal sukhija said...

Thanks sir...probably this is something that boosts my confidence, "encouragement" and "appreciation".

beyond the sky said...

well, in that case sorry sir, our point-blank still seems blank....we need solid thrashing for not bringing out the newsletter....the craze was there in second year, we had worked on it..!(really?)...suddenly this year it seems like the craze is gone....i wonder why?

Lonerespite said...

im guessing the craze has gone, cause many are considering more diverse fields. ( okay, okay, yes, me is branching of from journalism, and hence im one of the many who dont seem to have the fuzz, to keep going with any newsletter)
and i remember back in first year, when me, leo, priyanka, shayan, jocelyn, manasa, and abrar were trying to bring out the classes, first news letter! but alas, it could not mature!
i realised that in first year, that i can never be a reporter, or a journalist, cause i dont have the energy, or the inclination, or that constant buzz, or the communication skills to take me on. luckily this is a 3 major degree, some advantage!

poornima said...

Thanks a lot sir,receiving such appreciation for the very first seminar I have attended,is a real encouragement.