Saturday, July 22, 2006

its a dog's life

straight from the heart
Ekasmayi asked me to sit, as she had her breakfast, and told me she wanted to be a vet. i smiled at her knowingly; she had made a resolve, a closure. many a times in her spot i had been racked by indecision and brooding for days and in some cases years.
The scene that set off the process was something like this:
We were coming home on Friday, suddenly an incident took us all by surprise. right in the middle of the road, an alsatian was stuck- between angry, ferocious street dogs and the unmindful traffic zipping past. the alsatian looked frightened and unsure; some one had abandoned a pet dog who was in his last days. as we explained to our now highly emotional daughter, she prayed that the alsatian was safe. She came home and silently cried, inspite of our attempts at distraction. We knew she would sleep on it.
The helpless old dog was an indicator to the society and its slow but steady progress towards individualism- selfish. We are becoming insensitive, use and throw policy. As long as something is useful we hang on to it and once it has lost its importance, discard. the image of the dog is going to haunt us...


pRicky said...

sir i hope and pray that with the knowledge that i amd so many of my friends have today we may never do the same with a person of consequence who has now grown old but meant a lot to us when he was younger.
similarly some old things like certain redundant beliefs and ideas need to forgotten.
best of luck to ekasmayi and her compassionate decision to be a vet

goldenash said...

Survival of the fittest...yeah, that's the bitter truth. We're living in a cut thraot, ruthless world which seems to be losing its values, and at a rather rapid pace. The aim is to be the best, have the best- even if it means compromising on one's values and going against one's conscience(if that even exists!!) Anyone who doesn't contribute to the journey to the top is shoved out of the way.

Bitter, but true. I wonder who is responsible for this, though.


milti said...

Oh, I remember telling my father the exact same thing. For many years the only thing I wanted to be was a vet. No of course I'm branching off into other things...But my love for animals has always stayed.

-- deepti


Lonerespite said...

its the outcome of excess. when there is so much to choose, why stay faithful. our attitudes towards electronic items, seem to be slowly spilling over.

sheetal sukhija said...

The world's like that sir.Its just like,you prove yourself to be usefull for me and i'll help you.The poor dog...hope its safe.why are we so selfish? we all are so deeply interested in making our lives comfortable that we forget in the process we might be harming the others.Hope we colud understand that these are just mere things,Loving everyone should be ultimate coz thats the way we can peacefully co-exist today.

uderhood said...

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