Monday, July 10, 2006

communicate more

straight from the heart
why don't we communicate more often, more effectively. the irony of the present times really hits home- efficient means of communication by way of technology coupled with mind blocks that come in the way of putting things across. the last two days i have been brooding about the mail i received from an ex-student that shook me out of my comfort zone. a misunderstanding in the first year came in the way of natural growth and development of the student. three years of missed opportunity- a life time of waste. all that was needed was a direct clarification of the issue. i wonder why we keep something in mind and punish ourselves in the process.
in the age when we encounter hundreds of people in our life time, there is scope for misunderstanding and unconsciously hurting one another, maybe even scar the psyche. i can only give the example of my daughter- we have the best intentions in mind when we scold or explain something in a authoritarian tone.
so many things happen in class; the dynamics of the classroom can never be predicted. any comment, in a given context should not be taken to heart. it must not come in the way of student-teacher relationship. we judge a person by one incident and never take or give an opportunity to straighten things out.
the incident i am referring to came right out of nowhere- one only reads in novels or sees such things happening in movies. i never thought that my one or maybe two scoldings in class will create such a lasting effect on a student. i do hope i learn from this and never pull someone down. but i also hope that students on their part communicate. i would never have known this but for this blog. do use the blog to communicate.


pRicky said...

sir these are incident is probably just one of those unfortunate ones.
no one really ever manages to see what the other persons motive are.

beyond the sky said...

will surely use this space to communicate more :), and yes, sorry for irritating you in class today...

Tsu said...

thanks for keepin things personal sir! we to get scoldings and feel hurt but never get a teacher's emotion wen he is confronted with the issue... until now...!
and it IS very silly to come and tell u that the comment in class u made on me hurt me!! no one will admit that easily.