Wednesday, July 30, 2008

cathartic effect

when something affects you- and it happens very often to me- till it comes out in the open (your reaction or opinion) there is a sense of turmoil within. after the last posting i feel relieved that i got the angst out of my system. the things that trouble me and the issues that i am bothered about need a resolution. the kind of mental agony in the absence of a closure is difficult to overcome unless it is thrashed out in the open.
blogs allow for just this. an open forum to bring out any issue and place it in front of the world- inviting comments/criticism/acknowledgment. an open society is the safest bet against misunderstanding and conflict. only when things are hidden there is a scope for confusion. more than talk about issues, blogs allow for baring the heart out. what would have happened if this option was not around?


deepti said...

Deepti here, sir, from your 2007 batch. I'm still reading your blog, in CIEFL, as regularly as I can :D

I'm glad you posted this, because I would like to know what your opinion is on something that has affected me and my family quite hard. It's this recent case about the abortion of the 26 week old foetus. I know it's not for us as mere spectators of this sad drama to make a judgement about what Niketa Mehta should or should not do with her unborn child, but an unbiased opinion with the facts is what I'm searching for.

As you (probably) know, I was born with more or less similar defects of the heart and my parents were forced to fly abroad with me, as, in 1986, Indian doctors did not perform the corrective surgery required. My parents were told I would have to have more surgery before I turned 20, but I'm 22 and fine.

Now there is better technology, better hospitals, world-class doctors, and a lot more hope for babies with all sorts of defects. My parents are obviously pro-life in this case, but I am still confused. I'd love to have your opinion on this particular issue as it deals with something that means a lot to my family.

Mithraah Indiirh said...

if we didn't have the blogs we'd have a cultural revolution or a student revolution or even a cult revolution, which were the ways the world decided to express their views against general society before we discovered blogging :)