Sunday, July 13, 2008

giving advice

it is good to feel that someone wants to consult you for a career move. your advice is given importance. that puts a lot of responsibility on me to give good advice. what is good advice? our experience can provide a bit of insight into things but circumstances change and in the changed circumstances giving advice on the basis of past experiences can be problematic.
it is ironical that when it comes to taking a decision in life i dither. all the possibilities and angles have to be looked into and then a decision can be taken. the same must apply for giving advices. without thinking out the options, we have no right to state a course of action. by putting all the options on the table, it becomes less of an advice and more of a choice for the advice seeker. it then becomes the responsibility of the person to choose the right path. hopefully, in the latest case i have been careful in doing just that. for i should not be the cause of any wrong action.


anxietyprone said...

i agree with you on that'nt there a saying -you can take a horse near the water but you can't make it drink.the final step has to come from the person seeking the advice.what should gladden you is the fact that you are still thought of as a person good enough to be approached for kudos to you.i am sure your students would whole-heartedly agree with me.ciao.

hazeleyes said...

Dear sir, I completely, totally and wholeheartedly agree with what anxiety prone has to say towards the end. It helps immensely when one finds all doors closing in on a person and needs a little help in making a decision.

It does indeed at times weigh heavily on the advisor, when one's career is involved, but isnt advice generally sought only from a chosen and trusted few, who can but truly be objective and realisic?

I wont stop asking you for it sir.

Sheetal Sukhija said...

I totally agree sir.
I know it means a lot.
In all the 3 years i've always come to you for advice and everything you told me was always so true sir, even if it din't make sense then, now it does.
I agree with hazeleyes, I will always keep calling you for the advices sir.
Thanx :)