Saturday, December 06, 2008

it feels good to have an intellectual dialogue with a student who has matured beyond his age and is now a professional journalist. yes i am talking about the interaction with shashank in the course of the last two days. shashank has grown up, but in some ways he is the same student that i first came across more than five years ago. he personifies someone who has imbibed good values and any parent can be proud of a son like him. just one example hits this home. Shashank wanted to make time from a tight schedule to go and see the landlady who had housed and fed him during his student years. it is these small gestures that add up.


anxietyprone said...

students like shashank are a rare breed should count yourself lucky that you got to teach a young man like him.virtues like forbearance and endurance are no longer cherished.well, as a teacher i live in hope that someday a shashank would stroll into my class.ciao.

slingink said...

Hello Sir,

I wonder if you will be able to place me- I am Preeti Prakash, who passed out in 2002. Its been a while, the last time I visited you was when I had come to give a talk to some JPeng students...How have you been...I recently met an intern at Radio Indigo who told me you blog, and idle browsing brought me here today...Its awesome how we can reconnect and how I percieve you as a different person as I go through your posts :) plan on reading more. My 3+ years stint in Radio past, now I am half a world away in New York. ...looking at writing, working joining the fray and possibily studying in this huge urban sprawl of NY! Please share an email id where I may write to you... dont wanna spam you here :) preeti dot prakash at is my email id. cheers.