Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Well done

InPrint 09 is over. the day-long programme threw up its list of challenges. the most satisfying thing at the end of the day was the display of general bonhomie among the journalism students. the enthusiastic participation by all (forgetting the exceptions) was heartwarming. the first year students threw themselves in the arena and earned credit (contrast that with last year). the second year jelled as one to organize the event to the satisfaction of all. and surprise of surprises, the final jpe put their best foot forward and fought their way to the top. Congratulations to all.
the assuption that only through control and close supervision will the students do a good job is empirically proved wrong. i am glad. the students need a long rope. there will be a few surprises but in the final analysis it is 'by the students, for the students and of the students'. now where do we come in? one can give advice and encouragement but the event should be student driven. it certainly makes a lot of difference. InPrint has come a full circle, from the time it started off as an idea in the minds of students to the entire planning and execution being undertaken by them.


Madhura Puranik said...

Hello Sir,

As you said, WE(Final year Jpe's) fought our way to the top. Winning Inprint has come across as a major boost for our class. It felt good to see the Third Jpe come together probably for the first time in three years.

Go JPE!!

Madhura Puranik
III Jpeng

Y knot said...
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Y knot said...

Though, initially, we thought you didn't care, we realised that the 'long rope' taught us so many things. And that was one heck of an In Print for the organisers ( In Print 2005). Right from the designing, publicity, planning, execution, PR work, last minute turn arounds, you gave us a lot of freedom and I am not sure when we had learnt so much about life.
The long rope certainly works and I am glad that you are there to prove it in an institution where the rope is thrown away while you are pinned close so that nothing outside the rule/expectation list happens.

Meanwhile, you remain the same please.