Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Final closure

Finally the Liberhan Report has been submitted- it took more than 13 years for the probe into the Babri Majid demolition to be completed. Initial reports suggest that the blame is squarely placed on BJP. Top leadership of the BJP have been named as having incited the mob to indulge in arson and destruction. It is, of course, not a surprise that the inquiry has indicted the well-know advocates of Hindutva for the crime. What is surprising is the delay is bringing out the obvious into the pubic domain. There is of course the political angle to the whole inquiry and the timing of the report. This should not divert our attention from the unprecedented, nay monumental, event that destroyed the political and social fabric of our nation. Unless our state acts fast and punishes those who have indulged in violence or destruction, sections of the society will feel let down and angry. The 1984 anti-Sikh riots, The 2003 Gujarat riots, and the 1992 Babri Masjid demolition are blots on our psyche and needs to be dealt with. Expecting time to heal the wounds is foolish. There has to be a closure to these wounds that keep infesting our secular fabric. Only when people perceive that justice has been done, the guilty adequately punished can we move on. Otherwise, we will be stuck in the past and not be able to expect a better, safe and all-encompassing future.


maliha's musings said...

Your absolutely right in your observations of the accuracy and promptness by which legal action should be meted out, however since everything cannot function in a utopian manner n most countries, especially in countries like ours where crime and politics are often on the same page, punishment cannot be delivered when it is the goveernment leaders themselves that forge the backbone of the crime.
Thus until evidence is not tamepered with or paid off and witness protection becomes more stable, finding incriminatinf, concrete evidence on specific forces and people is difficult!

Avanish said...

I think punishment is the other thing and treating this whole case is different altogether.

The whole mindset of differentiation should change. Particularly by reallocating the power in the minds of people by a proper leadership to which people can look upon...

Avanish Tiwary.

merlin said...

Even if the guilty are punished, eventually, other than giving those affected a sense of revenge and a satisfaction perhaps that the wrong doers are being punished, will it achieve anything else? Of course, this is important. But all this, including the lives that were lost in al these atrocities, lose all meaning if we refuse to learn anything from it. Will punishment ensure that something like this won't happen again? Not with politicians playing the Religion Card like they did a few months ago. And i think, not with with media hankering after sensationalism. We have to remember our responsibility to society.