Saturday, June 27, 2009

InPrinted in mind

It is that time of the year when the second year journalism students begin to grapple with the intricacies involved in putting together InPrint. A class of 60 odd students come together to host the intra-departmental fest that was started exactly 4 years ago. The purpose of the fest was to have an identity for the journalism students. In the past 4 editions of InPrint what was initiated by the class of 06 continues with a few modifications. I think the present batch needs to know the background to InPrint.
Expression was the inter-collegiate Journalism fest that had its last version in 2003. A step was taken to have a common fest with the Communicative English students. But in 2005 a bunch of bold, highly motivated students took upon themselves the role of setting a precedent that would brand the journalism students for years to come.
Today the present second year journalism students are going about trying to put their mark on this tradition. I am sure that in years to come, students every year would come together and forge a bond that would mark them out from the rest of the student community at Christ. Hopefully, a thought would go out to those who started it all.


Tenzing theckpa said...

Straight from the heart, resembles the Inner "I". It is also co-incidental to our life. Your thoughts are very influencing. Please keep it posted. Why wasn't there any Post today.

Anjan K Behera said...


blue said...
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blue said...

Hi Sir,

Happened to read your blog after a long time. I hope the present year students will do a good job. Just got reminded of how easy one thinks it is to get together a fest.. and there is nothing better in the end than the feeling of it all going just fine. i think for our batch it was a major bonding period when we got to know each other well and worked together to make it a success.
Hope with time it would grow into an inter college fest.