Sunday, August 02, 2009

Guru Dakshina

the cancellation and postponement of media conclave with r. sreenivas, editor, bangalore mirror was a temporary set back. but these things can be expected as people from the media are on call 24x7. personally, i had almost forgotten the issue. but not Malik and not Niranjan (for those not familiar- they are from the Journalism batch of 2007). Malik calls up Niranjan and tells him about the cancellation and Niranjan gets into action. Makes a whole lot of calls and finally fixes up Rajan Bala (legendary Sports Columnist) as a replacement, less than 12 hours before the scheduled time of the programme. It is another story that the programme didn't materialize in the end.
my thoughts are on the two christites who went out of their way, for no fault of theirs, to rectify a problem. how many people today will do anything like this. there are a few thoughtful and responsible individuals still around and maybe that is the reason why we still have faith in humanity. thanks Malik and Niranjan for all the help in building a close relationship between industry and academics and more importantly between media professionals and students.

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