Thursday, August 06, 2009

Mirror Effect

Mr.Ramananda Sreenivas (Editor, Bangalore Mirror) came, spoke and floored the audience (MS Communication) with his unique technique- interaction. what sreenivas did was to get the students to speak and by getting a point out, base the talk on that. it created interest and active participation. it also helped to have a few familiar faces (those who had done their internship at BM) to collaborate and complement his points. the very informal style and the language of the present generation can be a very effective tool to connect with the students.
As he said at the beginning, Sreenivas wanted to use the opportunity to learn from the young crowd- the target audience for BM. it is only through contiuous feedback from the readers that BM has been able to deliver stuff and become credible among their readers. it is a wonder why media does not change quickly enough to connect with the desired audience? it is only when things go wrong that changes take place. The Times of India group has understood the importance of keeping an ear to the ground and customizing the content to suit the demands of an ever dissatisfied generation. No wonder then, the two most read newspapers in Bangalore city are from their stable.


Avanish said...

Yes sir, I totally agree with you that the session was useful..especially the information about RTI was really helpful..
moreover, he also urged everyone to use the RTI...

slingink said...

Hello Sir, this is Preeti Prakash from JPEng 2002 batch, I am trying to get in touch with you rather urgently, I have sent you a request/message on Linkedin as well- please do respond with as soon as possible. Thanks Preeti p.s. my email is preeti(dot)prakash at gmail . com

Madhura Puranik said...

Hello Sir,

This is Madhura from III Jpeng.
I really like reading your blog...Quite disappointed that you haven't posted anything from past 6 months!! Waiting for you to post more :)