Friday, June 15, 2007


the first year students are here. just when i was getting used to the final year students, understanding them a bit, knowing about their future plans, their hopes and fears, they are gone. a day when there is so much of hope on campus is also filled with sadness. as i met a few of the ex-christites who had come to bid farewell, several thoughts were racing in the mind. so many promises yet unfulfilled. many a plans incomplete. this heavy burden adds to the sadness. life is not static. change is important for progress. so, farewell to the ones who leave us and a big welcome to those who join us for the next three years.


H R Venkatesh said...

Hi Sir,
Am going to be in Bangalore in the 2nd week of July. Would like to come upto college and say hello. Just thought I'd drop a line...
warm regds,

deepti said...

it's always hard to move on, sir...

am reading your blog after many many days, maybe even months. somehow it was always a comfort to read your blog before - there were so many days of college life in front of us. today, reading familiar blogs makes me realise everyone is moving on, and everyone is feeling a hint of sadness.
it's good to know you're wishing the best for us. good luck to you and your new class too :-)


blue plush said...

Thanks a lot sir. It means a lot to all of us.