Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Hyderabad Chronicles

After three years you would expect to know the person. But in a class of sixty, it is only some who make their presence felt- the rest fade into the background. I encountered Vishruti for the very first time a day before she formally bids farewell to Christ College and to Bangalore. In a span of an hour I learnt more about her than in the last three years. She is the last person I would have thought would get into active journalism. Vishruti is all set to start her six months training at Deccan Chronicle, Hyderabad. From being a swimming champ to training for NCC at Christ and being silent in class, Vishruti has left her mark- at least on one person. Au revoir

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Vishruti said...

dear sir, hydrabad was not a success. but now i need your blessings for my new career option. have got married to a business man and shifted to jaipur. got opportunity to work with TOI- Jaipur. am with Response Art & Edit dept. as a correspondent cum copy editor. now getting to know the real journalism and the amount of energy it requires to creat just 1 page and how many people would not even go through the hard work when its shot on pages....but still with a new hope everyday the creativity and hard work is doubled...am enjoying though! its a best place to work in... all the lessons u taught about page making and sizes of headlines n letters, prioritizing and composing are of immense help...u r the 1st person i must thank for this day in my life...Thank
You Sir!
Vishruti 3rd JPEng. 2007