Tuesday, June 27, 2006

cluttered mind

straight from the heart
the mind is cluttered. any programme or event has this effect. the first programme of the year and things have a way of not falling into place unless someone runs around and fixes it. one wonders why systems are not in place to make it smooth. have all the required things in the venue for conducting the programme and not expect us to run from one end of the college to the other in search of important people.
Angry, obviously. it can drive one up the wall. it also has another effect- the futility of everything. every time we think of a programme work towards it and then d-day comes the whole charade repeats itself. we need to make a toast to the human spirit for the short term memory of the worst things- there is no other explanation for the renewed enthusiasm time and time again. it hold good for our city and country, we keep going on and on inspite of the million obstacles that could easily be solved. we are just waiting for the messiah. well we have a long wait, unless we make it happen. speak out, write and make things happen. sounds easy but it takes one to start and then systems will automatically come up. got to stop and run. the event is on in a few minutes time. hoping against hope that things will not go too badly. cheers.

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