Tuesday, June 27, 2006

its all in the mind

straight from the heart
we all are familiar with the saying 'its all in the mind'. lot of credence is placed on the powers of the mind. the other day i chanced upon an article that mentions that most cold medicines don't have any effect on the body but act on the mind- placebo! it is no wonder that people read books, join classes and become spiritual with the goal of controlling their minds. it is another thing that today our minds are controlled by others- media, religious leaders to name a few.
my days in warrensburg while studying in the us were full of loneliness. my only recourse to sanity was music. Light 99.7 fm KLTH (kansas city) was soothing to say the least. Also my dard bhare geet- kishore kumar, kept me going.
by the way my favourite songs are, in the order of ranking:
1. aye tum yad mujhe gane lagi har dhadakan
2. badi suni suni hai zindagi ye zindagi
3. main pyasa tum sawan main dil tum meri dhadakan
4. hotel california
got to go, watch soccer. later


maximus said...

sir...is it just a divine co-incidence that u like the same songs i do? i mean kishore...eagles.. and moreover hotel california brings back lotsa memories... i wont tell u which.. lets see if u remember

pRicky said...

i have always wanted to know about your college days.
music and solitude do go hand in hand.

Me Thinks.. said...

sir, i think you like amitabh bachchan and kishore kumar!
I never got to talk to u much, but these two are my all time favourites!

Simar Kohli said...

Its an interesting blog I say!
and this more than definitely a great way of communicating beyond the walla of a classroom!

magnet said...

nice choice sir!!!!
never thought of this side of your personality!!!!!!
u think with ur heart .....do u ?