Tuesday, June 27, 2006

looser speaks

straight from the heart
chanced upon sunil chandy's blog. didn't know that he was born in Great Britain (brit as he says). couldn't miss the link that was present in the story of the black valet. it was a hilarious take on the spelling mistake, only someone used to PG Woodhouse humour can get it. just wonder how some people can connect two things-gift that i obviously don't seem to have!I am trying desperately to be like sunil chandy-write like him. come to think of it, nobody expect he could be like him. later.


moi said...

you dont have to worry sir, your sense of humour is as unquie.:)

Vodka said...

I think i miss your sense of humour the most,Sir! And God Forbid you become like anybody else,least of all Mr.Chandy. I am sure Mr.Chandy's fans will agree with me!


pRicky said...

well you can want to write like him but why would you want to cramp your style?