Tuesday, June 27, 2006

refuse to be intimidated

straight from the heart
was wondering why i didn't get angry at being told that we can't use the auditorium tomorrow for the inauguration. several reasons popped into mind. one would be desensitisation- having gone through similar situations in the past has made me immune to the present one. trying to find a free hall, finding joseph to open one or getting angry when both were accomplished and very few turned up for the class or workshop had its toll; has made me insensitive to something as bland as a change in the venue.
maybe it is just that someone else is in charge and so directly affected; more of a jolt to the good old ego. it could also be that miraculously i have mastered the ancient art of absorbing everything and still keeping cool. but to tell you the truth it is that lack of interest, that everything is futile which is behind the reaction. so there i have bared my heart out. more baring to follow


maximus said...

hello sir.... we had to meet someday in cyber space. we just had to.sir i have learnt a lot of things from u. things like pressing on thru hard times, taking initiatives and above all to be the person i really am.

so when i read ur blog it sounded soo sincere that i cudnt help bt comment.sir,nothing is futile.. nothing can ever be futile.even a tragedy with poisonous fallouts has a purpose.i dont need to be a preacher here sir as i am like a midget in front of u- a person with so many fine edges that our rough ones are always smoothened.but what i wanna say is that sir out of soo many clustered and pessimistic events u will find a purpose... a reason to go thru all of them and on a candid note..something to write bout in ur blog. trust me sir... this is what i have learnt from u.
anonymous....(not entirely-coz u knw me)

pRicky said...

sir events are events cause there is the element of uncertainity attached to them.
the practicality of a succesful event would be not to expect things to happen on time but for them to happen with quality.

amitha said...

hi sir...i couldnt help but compare our perception of u and the "real you" as u have bared out ur heart here....most of us lokked up to u for ur amazing patience...we'd always think how u could be sensible and not lose ur cool at wat u saw around you....i for one always admired u for it...wud always think, if the "system"-if i may use so vague a word,couldnt bog someone like u, the rest of us shud probably try to be inspired by that...the point i'm trying to make here is we probably never realise the influence we have on other ppl..ur confession here just made me think about it..