Wednesday, June 28, 2006

fading faces

straight from the heart
every year without fail i go through this routine. i go to class after the start of the new academic year and keep searching for the familiar faces. max was sitting right in front, nandini leaning against the wall on the extreme left, and on the right hena... names that had faces just a few months back. i keep searching for the faces and all i see is new faces; the first year students who are as strange as strangers on the road.
three years is a long time. it takes a year to get the connection between the name and the face. each year with the numbers increasing it will take a few more months extra. then the second year the individual personalities start emerging and it is possible to identify some in the class as distinct from the rest. it is only in the final year that the closeness grows and most if not all get an identity of their own. and then one fine day they are out- out in the real life and their ghosts stay back, only to be taken over by new faces and new names. it all sounds futile- just feel that the same guys should continue for ever!
life as they say must go on. college is like a railway platform. people gather for the train. but as soon as the train moves on the platform is again empty only to be take over by the next batch of passengers in transit. guys i am already missing you. do keep in touch. cheers


moi said...

from a students point of view, we consider it a big thing if the teacher just magaes to get our name right from the many faces, class after class.. and for you to actually remember to miss us is very touching. life may move on but we ll still miss you.
1742 :)

moontalk said...

sir, moving out of college itself is tough.but we get to understand why we stayed only when we get out :)n nw when we have started working, all the things you told us for 3 years, seems so helpful.nwhen we feel lost, its kind of difficult to realise that we cant come running into the dept. to ask for guidance
and still it feels so weird to schedule appointments to meet people whom we used to see everyday by default...

goldenash said...

Like vidya said, as students, it honestly feels great to be recognised by a teacher. Ofcourse it spells trouble for some of us, but nevertheless, means a lot- to know that a teacher has made the effort to learn our names, and maybe even more. We miss college all the time and it sure is flattering to know that we're missed too!


Vodka said...

It is very heartening to know that we are missed,especially by you,Sir.


pRicky said...

i remember the first class you took for our year...
and looked forward to all your classes ever since.

aswin said...

i will dedicate this poem to u ( even though that doesnt make any sense), which i had written long time back..


smiling faces die

fresh leaves go dry

wind chimes loses their shine

the cross rust's and so shall i

staring at the grey blue skies

with more tears in my eyes

the nest, far beyond hides

happiness subsides

and ya.. noone tells me to shut my mouth nowadays.. hehe.. now u know who i am....keep blogging... and by the way pinto is trying to give publicity to your blog by sending spam.. hehe.. hope u are aware of that...

amitha said...

well sir...i see u as having the option of replacing your student's faces with new ones....what are we supposed to do??we are stuck with you being our teacher for life!!!
not that any one's complaining about it!

Me Thinks.. said...

Sir, Knowing that are batch was worth mentioning in your blog is proof enough of the connection we have..the one aspect of college life that we dreaded missing among many is YOU!! we miss u too.. Shardha

FaNcyPaNtS said...

well, we were and we are glad that u were our journalism teacher for three years, Thou i was never tat much intersted in journalism, you made it sound easy,i'm not looking for a career in this feild but will always remem wat you tot us these 3 years, realy i want to come back to col, n sit in class, play basket ball, dance on the stage,well lots of things have changed in col, so im happy i'm out of it now hehehehe anyways we miss u too sir


Tsu said...

i wanna commment on this post but words fail me. its gr8 to know tht v are being missed cuz i sure feel the same way!!! reunion sounds gr8!!!
take care
(seems like v ve bunked class and ve to get bk any minute least v miss our attendance:-)

maximus said...

dear sir,
it was u who once said that even when we r born free we r bound to travel back to those places which nurtured us (at least on an emotional level). and being with u was something so enriching that someday u r gonna see many of us beside u and reminiscing.

we r grateful to u sir and more than anything else its an honour that u feel the way u do bout us