Wednesday, June 28, 2006

cultural bias

straight from the heart
this is something i always wanted to speak about. i am guilty of this as many of my students. i am referring to the bias due to our upbringing. we typecast people according to their background and present state of employment. out bias works in such a way that we feel superior if others don't have our background and experience that goes with it.
the other day Ishwar daitota spoke to the media studies students. a very rare occasion when a journalist from the language press has addressed the chirst college students. the majority read english newspapers, see english news channels and speak english. obviously when someone without their advantage comes before them there is bound to be culture shock; what is the role of the language press. english language newspapers in the country have highjacked the agenda setting power that should in a country like ours legitimately belong to the language press, which is close to the majority of the people, speak their language and idiom. more exposure to the people from language press background should have a positive impact on our students who don't see anything beyond times of india. will ramble on later.

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pRicky said...

the question i suppose i think is about the understanding. which is lacked until even a little amount of experience has been gained.
i am not sure about the stereotyping at all.