Monday, June 26, 2006

straight from the heart

straight from the heart
Time is of essence. we realise it too late. just today we had the inauguration of the psychology association and the students came out just in time for the 2 pm class. no lunch for the bunch. so off they go to find some chow and i hammer on the computer to fill the space. the point that i am trying to make is why can't we start and finish programmes on time and spare the trouble to everyone? the media studies department has one coming up on Wednesday and i hope it starts and ends on time so that the poor students have their lunch and eat it too. ha, ha. keep reading


Anil Pinto said...

Just came to know that I am one of the organisers. I was ignorant that I was the one going to be responsible to organise the inaugural of Media studies. Sorry dont even knowh the inaugural time. Anyway will call you up and ask.

Btw your blog is as frank as you are. I can't seperate one from the other.


Y knot said...

You're one of kind,Sir. I salute yo for the person you are. Nothings futile.

anju christine said...

i dunno if ul ever read dis comment sir [cos its 7 months late], but im commentin anyway,.... ur blog brought back memories of d 1st few days of col.............. :) nice!....... n ya, dat was d 1st day all of us went- 'awww, sooo sweet' w.r.t a teacher... hee hee